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July 14, 2009 Written by Charles Cook

After reading on about Brent Simmons reverting to his own blogging system:

I tried Wordpress for a little while on this weblog since I wanted to have comments. And last night I switched off Wordpress, back to my homegrown static-rendering system.

For comments I'm trying out Disqus. The cool thing is that it works via Javascript includes, so I can still have a static-rendered site.

I decided to try Disqus too. It was very easy to install on my static pages, just a few minutes work modifying the page templates. Looking back through my archives I noticed I switched off comments over 5.5 years ago because of increasing amounts of spam, which was a pity because it was always good to get some feedback on posts.

I am currently writing my own blog publishing app using ASP.NET MVC and LINQ to SQL. I am sticking with static pages because performance can be a little slow with dynamic pages on a shared hosting system, and I don't want to break any of my existing links (I'm still on IIS 6 and so routing is not as flexible as it would be with IIS 7).