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imeem, Mono, and Mac OS X

February 12, 2006 Written by Charles Cook Snapshot of Mac imeem client

Yesterday I installed a Mac client - imeem - which uses Mono. The snapshot here is from Kevin Lim's blog where he posted about the imeem Mac beta a few weeks ago. I came across imeem via a post by Miguel de Icaza in which he links to an interview with imeem founders Jan Jannink and Dalton Caldwell on Apple's Developer Connection site. Unfortunately I can't actually do much with the imeem client at the moment because unlike the Windows version the Mac beta does not support AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and GoogleTalk accounts and I don't know anyone on imeem.

Its unclear exactly how much of the Mac client is implemented in Mono. They implemented an open-source Mono/C# <-> Cocoa/Objective C bridge called Dumbarton after failing with Cocoa#.