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More on Windows DVD Maker

January 11, 2006 Written by Charles Cook

Dare Obasanjo picked up on my post yesterday about Windows DVD Maker not being written in managed code. I agree with him:

I find it surprising that people continue to think that we don't use managed code at Microsoft.

That wasn't my point. Four years after .NET 1.0 was released why has a fairly small scale app aimed at end-users been written in unmanaged code? This app has UI and Vista has a new set of APIs for UI, Windows Presentation Foundation. Maybe its unfair to pick on DVD Maker but this would have been an opportunity, one of possibly many, to demonstrate not only what you can do with WPF but more fundamentally that good end-user applications can be written in .NET. Many people believe that .NET is not suitable for this type of application and a new unmanaged app like this gives them more ammunition.