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Large Monitors

October 17, 2005 Written by Charles Cook

I've seen several links to the NY Times article Meet The Life Hackers mention the benefits of large monitors. Before moving to my current 20" screen at 1600x1200 I tried dual 19" at 1280x1024 but they didn't suit my style of working with Visual Studio. I could not get used to the gap between the screens when I had windows from a single application on both screens (it also didn't help that the machine had been specified with a graphics card which could only support DVI output for one screen and analog for the other; the slight difference in colour rendering was very irritating). 1600x1200 is large enough for me to use Visual Studio comfortably on a single screen but its hardly a big monitor these days. I'd could do with more screen estate for keeping any eye on periodically used applications such as Outlook and Firefox; in particular for looking up something on MSDN when coding. I just saw that Dell are selling some 24" screens with 1920x1200 resolution (£510 plus tax in the UK) and of course Apple have their 30" Cinema Display with a huge 2560x1600 resolution (£1786 plus tax). I wonder how large you can go with a single screen before it is too wide to use comfortably?