Cook Computing


September 21, 2005 Written by Charles Cook Kingfisher

When I'm working from home I like to go for a short walk at lunchtime (We've been watching Its Me or the Dog recently. The dog trainer has mentioned several times how important it is for a dog to be taken for one or more daily walks to provide some mental stimulation from the change of environment. I guess the same applies to software developers). Anyway, a couple of days ago I was walking past one of the ponds in the Coxley Valley, when I suddenly saw a flash of blue iridescence streak across the pond. It was a Kingfisher, the first I have seen here. Back home I thought I'd see if there was anything on the web about the valley and came across a fascinating website by Richard Bell, his Wild West Yorkshire illustrated nature diary. He lives lower down the valley from us and the diary has many interesting snippets of information about the wildlife hereabouts. I'm surprised I never came across the site before.

These were the highlights of another dreary day spent trudging through diagnostic log files.