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DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Day

May 18, 2005 Written by Charles Cook

benjaminm's blog has links to posts on the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event at Microsoft in Reading last Saturday. I enjoyed the event. Its good to learn about something different from what you're doing day-to-day. In particular Stephan Schoenig's session on TDD was the first time I'd heard of NMock. Funny how you can miss things like that, from which you can deduce I don't do a huge amount of unit testing with .NET code. I do use NUnit for XML-RPC.NET, which is self-contained and so mock objects are not necessary, but in the day job we don't have the necessary commitment to move to TDD. Having said that NMock is definitely something I will be investigating.

Brian Long presented an entertaining session on .NET debugging which actually inspired me to use the cdb debugger in earnest yesterday, so that was another session of great practical use.

Guy Smith-Ferrier's session on ClickOnce deployment was interesting and raised some questions in my mind about how CAS is used in this scenario so I have some research to do in this area.

There was even a session on Mono, presented by Ben Lamb. I was amused when he said that he had planned to give a demo of MonoDevelop but hadn't managed to get it to install. Some things never change in the Linux world.