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May 10, 2005 Written by Charles Cook

I'm working in London the second half of this week so I've registered for the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event at Microsoft, Reading, on Saturday. Working in a small development group things can get a bit stale at times and it will be good to meet some other developers, absorb some enthusiasm for software development for a change, and hopefully learn a thing or two.

I am about to switch. My Mac Mini is slowly making it way across Europe after leaving Pardubice in the Czech Republic on Saturday. By 5:05GMT this morning it had reached Luxembourg. I ordered the base model with an upgrade to 512M memory.

A while ago I mentioned a couple of problems with XML-RPC.NET and Whidbey. One remains in beta 2: proxy generation using System.Reflection.Emit failed because TypeBuilder.CreateType could not create the proxy class due to an "inaccessible interface" error. I reported the bug to the MSDN Product Feedback Center, and it has since been fixed for the RTM milestone. Proxy generation fails if you define the interface like this:

interface ISumAndDiff
  SumAndDiffValue SumAndDifference(int x, int y);

The workaround is to define the interface as public. Obviously this is not much use if you don't have the source code.

The next release of XML-RPC.NET is overdue. Finishing off the documentation remains, always the hardest part.