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Fishy Business at the EU

December 13, 2004 Written by Charles Cook

ZDNet UK reports on some typical behaviour at the EU:

The EU Council is accused of 'last-minute manoeuvring' as it considers passing the EU software patent directive within an environment or fishery meeting

A controversial EU directive that opponents fear would allow software patenting within Europe could be passed without vote or debate before Christmas.

The EU Council had been expected to postpone a crucial decision on the the Computer-Implemented Inventions Directive until the New Year.

But, according to a Council agenda, EU diplomats will decide on Tuesday and Wednesday whether the directive will be included as an 'A-item' in the upcoming Fishery or Environment Council meetings, which will allow it to be passed without discussion or a vote.

Nothing surprising here, its how the EU works, but it continues to shock me that the peoples of Europe are allowing their sovereignties and democracies to be handed over, slowly but surely, to a bunch of unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.