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More on WinFS

December 13, 2004 Written by Charles Cook

Andre Da Costa has a link to a report on the latest WinFS news. What are a few years here and there when you see the project in a biblical timeframe:

"This isn't a relational database," he said. "This is a brand-new data model, and it satisfies a whole class of applications that frankly have been unsatisfied from a data model perspective since the beginning of history. We've been working on things like this for a long time." [Bob Muglia]

The Microsoft hype machine has disappeared up its own arse with Longhorn. Of the much publicized and grandiosely titled "Three Pillars of Longhorn", WinFS will not be ready, and Avalon and Indigo will be available for earlier versions of Windows. So what does Longhorn offer? I may have read explanations of why you need Longhorn to get the full capabilities of Avalon but they have not stuck in my mind. Don't get me wrong - I'm eagerly looking forward to working with Avalon and Indigo - its just that the hype seems to have got a bit out of hand this time.