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Pocket PC

December 11, 2004 Written by Charles Cook

I took delivery of a Loox 720 Pocket PC yesterday. I did the initial 12 hour charge overnight and having been playing with it this morning. I've never used a PDA before so lots of new things to be impressed with, not least the accuracy with which it can decipher my scrawled handwriting. I chose the Loox for several reasons, most important being the VGA screen and good WiFi/Bluetooth support.

The first major task will be to test the Compact Framework version of XML-RPC.NET. I first got this up and running in the Visual Studio Pocket PC emulator a few weeks ago but it turns out that code which runs in the emulator doesn't necessarily run on an actual device. Once this testing is complete I'll add the CF build to the distribution.

I noticed Brent Simmons posted on the The Virtues of XML-RPC a couple of weeks ago. Judging from the questions I get about the use of XML-RPC.NET there is a sizeable number of people using XML-RPC for business applications. And why not? The RPC model is straightforward and is how a lot of people think when designing an application. With XML-RPC you can get something up and running very quickly, using many different development environments to write your client and/or server.