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XML-RPC.NET on Compact Framework

September 15, 2004 Written by Charles Cook Snapshot of XML-RPC.NET app on Pocket PC

I spent a couple of hours last night porting XML-RPC.NET to the .NET Compact Framework. After I had stripped out all the server-side code and the XmlRpcProxyGen code which used Reflection.Emit (unsupported on CF) there were several issues, including the following:

  • XmlNode.Select* methods are not supported on CF, so I had to write some code to replace use of these methods.
  • The overload of Activator.CreateInstance which takes two arguments, used in this case for instantiating arrays, is not supported so I had to instead invoke the constructor of array types explicitly.
  • The property of AllowWriteStreamBuffering of HttpWebRequest defaults to false in CF, instead of true in the full framework, to encourage less memory usage I presume. I set this to true because, strictly speaking, chunked output is not part of the XML-RPC spec.
  • The WebClientProtocol class in CF has less functionality and so I removed the dependency on this.

I don't have a device running the Compact Framework so I'm only testing the code in the emulator. If there is anyone who would like to use it in a real device, let me know and I'll send a dll for testing.