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XML-RPC.NET v0.9.0

September 2, 2004 Written by Charles Cook

Version 0.9.0 of XML-RPC.NET is now available at


  • XmlRpcServiceAttribute has a new AutoDocumentation property which allows automatic documentation to be switched off.
  • Handles XML-RPC response encodings other than UTF-8. XmlRpcMemberAttribute fixed.
  • XmlRpcClientProtocol has new ProtocolVersion property to allow HTTP v1.0 to be specified.
  • XmlRpcClientProtocol has new KeepAlive property (default is true). With some servers it may be necessary to set this to false when running with the current beta of the 2.0 CLR, for example if you start seeing the "Underlying Connection Was Closed" exception or the second call on a proxy appears to hang.
  • Multi-dimensional arrays handled correctly.
  • dateTime parsing supports "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss" to handle blog service providers which return invalid XML-RPC dateTime values in this format.
  • Includes Joe Bork's xmlrpcgen utility to generate source code for proxies.
  • Release runs on version 1.0 of CLR upwards.

To Do

  • FAQ needs updating with info about new features.
  • If a struct has been marked as an optional member of another struct, then all the members of the child struct must be marked as optional.
  • Provide some way of logging XML-RPC request and response documents.
  • Determine if and how component support should be improved.