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Lookout 1.2 from Microsoft

July 20, 2004 Written by Charles Cook Lookout update message

Just booted up, started Outlook, and was offered an update to Lookout version 1.2 from Microsoft. Joel Spolsky may have got it wrong.

From the Lookout site (dated 07/16/2004):

Hopefully you've seen the news about Lookout and Microsoft MSN at this point.

Today we're also pushing out a new 1.2 release which incorporates the latest set of bug fixes, and a couple new goodies.

The main feature is that this version no longer has any nagware to ask for referring friends! Thank you to all that did recommend to friends- we know it takes a lot for you to do so, and that is not forgotten.

If you elect to pick up the new 1.2 release, its the first release from Microsoft. Here are some notes about it:

  • There is a minor change to the EULA, mostly stating that the agreement is now between the user and Microsoft rather than the user and Lookout Software.
  • The tell-a-friend functionality is removed
  • The license key functionality is removed
  • The new advanced search UI is in place
  • A few sundry bug fixes.

Please send us feedback and let us know how it goes!