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Essential WSA: Programming Web Services with WSE

May 5, 2004 Written by Charles Cook

I attended the DevelopMentor course Essential WSA: Programming Web Services with WSE last week, with Simon Horrell as the instructor. Other than playing with some ASMX web service samples I've not done anything with web services - Remoting has been the key area in my work over the last year - and the course proved to be an excellent immersion into web services, the various WS_* specifications and how they are implemented in Web Services Enhancements. There were only three of us on the course - hi to Geoff and Eric - so was this an indication of the level of interest in web services in the UK, or just the fact that the end of the course coincided with a long public holiday weekend? Actually Eric had come over from Switzerland so only two from the UK and neither of us are currently doing any web service work. To be fair Simon did say that WSE is really aimed at early adopters of web services and that it will be superceded by Indigo, so maybe its too early yet to see a huge amount of interest in this area.