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C++/CLI Candidate Base Document

November 22, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

Herb Sutter has announced that the C++/CLI candidate base document has been posted and is available for download.

Regarding my recent point about managed arrays. the document says:

An array type is declared using a pseudo-template ref class with the following declaration:

namespace stdcli::language { 
    template<typename T, int rank = 1>
    ref class array : Array {

The class is a pseudo-template because aspects of an array type cannot be implemented in a library using the facilities of the language. An array-type is any specialization of the stdcli::language::array pseudotemplate class. For example:

array<int>^ arr1D = gcnew array<int>(10);
array<int, 3>^ arr3D = gcnew array<int, 3>(10, 20, 30);