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Mono Project Roadmap

November 4, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

Miguel de Icaza has announced the publication of the Mono project roadmap and a roadmap for contributors.

The one issue that surprised me was the lack of support for CAS (Code Access Security). I see this as being a very important part of the .NET environment in the long term. People will always find ways of loading malicious code onto machines and so we need to reach a situation where even local code will not be run unless it is trusted. For example, if we take away from end-users the ability to give trust to code, say via a global policy, it doesn't matter if an email contains an executable attachment which the user downloads and attempts to run: the code won't be trusted and the OS won't run it [1].

Miguel also commented in another post to the Mono list that "Mono has plenty of non-Microsoft components" and pointed to a diagram. Interesting to note XML-RPC.NET is included. I do intend the next release of the library to work with Mono on both Windows and Linux - its looking good so far - I just need some time to complete all the work and testing.

[1] This does presume the ability to prevent untrusted unmanaged local applications from running so we still have some way to go to the scenario I describe.