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Intestinal Fortitude

September 9, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

Seen on the Flangy News:

I certainly don't have the intestinal fortitude to set up a Linux box to mess with Mono.

Its not too bad really. It just gets intestinally challenging when you try to build the Mono debugger and you don't know enough about Linux development to ensure the right version of all the different libraries have been installed before you start building. Since trying this a few weeks ago I've still not got round to trying again and I'll probably now wait until a built version of the debugger is included with the Mono RPMs.

I hope the Mono team realize the importance of making available a built and working GUI debugger as soon as possible. Typically Windows developers will be experimenting with Mono on Linux in their spare time and will not want to plod along with a command line debugger. And they probably won't want to spend a lot of time working out how to build the debugger. There are simply too many other interesting .NET things competing for attention. Mono has the potential to be a great entry point to Linux development but only as long as the learning curve is not too steep.

[If anyone cares to explain what I need to do to get the graphical debugger built and working on a Red Hat 9 system, I'll post the details here.]