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Ref Counting in Rotor - Update

August 31, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

In case you missed the comment in the previous post, Chris Sells wrote:

ChrisT and I are hoping to present the results of our work at next month's Rotor conference in Seattle. Either way, we'll release the paper we wrote on the topic ASAP.

Should be very interesting from a theoretical point of view.

In the .NET work I'm doing at the moment we are having to manage manually the lifetime of objects which acquire decidedly finite resources, for example telephone ports, and text-to-speech sessions which are limited in number by licensing requirements. The using statement is useful in some cases but compared to earlier development using COM, with extensive usage of CComPtr, there is more coding involved in resource management and less certainty that resources will be released in all code paths. It will be interesting to see whether we need to modify any of our resource management practices once we enter the system verification testing phase.