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Virtual PC, MSDN, and Whidbey Installs

August 25, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

Virtual PC for Windows is now available for download by MSDN subscribers. I've not been able to get Linux Redhat 9 .0 working very well with VMware 3 so I thought I'd try Virtual PC (I know RH9 may work better with VMware 4 where it is a supported OS but we've not upgraded to that version of VMware yet). Installation went very smoothly, the only niggle being getting X Windows to work. I had to change the screen depth to 16 from 24 in the XF86Config file, by booting in single user mode (it was starting X automatically and displaying garbage otherwise), and then chose the "Generic Monitor, 1280x1024 @ 74 Hz" setting using the "Display Settings" GUI app so that I could increase the screen resolution to 1024x768. I'd read something which suggested that Virtual PC would support 16 and 32 bits, not 24, but I couldn't get it to work with depth set to 32. However my knowledge of X config is extremely limited so it may be well be possible. I suppose that now I know what to change I could choose these settings during installation. This MSDN KB article has some more information on installing Linux on Virtual PC.

Omri Gazitt mentions the usual trials of installing pre-alpha software, presumably the Whidbey release of .NET from what he writes, and suggests:

Nevertheless, my word of advice to folks who install our PDC bits: do it on a virgin machine that you are OK with wiping if you ever need to use it for something else...

Just what you need Virtual PC or VMware for.