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Mono Debugger

August 11, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

I spent some time over the weekend playing with Mono on Linux. I found that .Net code which failed to port to Mono a few months ago now runs successfully. Before trying anything more ambitious - such as testing XML-RPC.NET on Mono - I decided that I needed to build the Mono debugger. Unfortunately I couldn't get this to compile, no doubt because versions of the required libraries on my machine were incompatible. I'll try again this weekend coming.

I noticed something on the Mono mailing list a couple of days ago. Someone had posted about getting Mono running on G4 and G5 hardware and Miguel de Icaza replied:

You might want to help the SharpDevelop guys finish SWT and finish their SharpDevelop port to SWT. That is the project that needs the most help.

Mono on PPC is happening due to a contract we have to support it.

Interesting. IBM or Apple?