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FeedDemon beta

June 27, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

The beta of Nick Bradbury's FeedDemon is now available for download (via Simon Fell). Simon's post has a link to a fix to get OPML import working but I couldn't import my list of 275 feeds because the max number supported by import is 150.

I wonder what the future for commercial aggregators will be. If Eric Kidd is right either Microsoft will buy out the most successful product or will give away their own aggregator (or add aggregator functionality to one or more existing products). But maybe the opportunity was there for Eric's 30-person company. Someone with the right vision, investment, and marketing could have released a commercial-quality standalone Windows aggregator a year ago and established market presence in time for the explosion of interest in RSS. If it took Microsoft a year to crush them with a free aggregator then maybe in that year the 30-person company would have sold enough to get a decent initial return on the investment and a continuing, albeit reduced, income afterwards if they could innovate more rapidly than the gorilla. I'm not assuming that the 30 people would all be working full-time on this but that a company of this size would have sufficient mass to be able to work effectively in all the areas of implementation, testing, marketing, sales, etc.