Cook Computing


June 23, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

Not long to go before the Apple WWDC keynote starts. Sounds like they have some exciting new machines to announce. Will I finally be tempted to make the switch? I was planning to buy a 15" Powerbook earlier in the year but once the 12" and 17" machines were introduced I though it best to wait until the 15" was updated. That has been a long time coming so I guess there will be an announcement about a new 15" machine. The price will still hurt though - Apple UK does not seem to take much notice of the weakened dollar.

I wouldn't hesitate if they announced support for the .NET runtime and SDK in the new "Panther" version of OS X but I'm not holding my breath over that.

Unfortunately the keynote is not being streamed live so if I decide to watch it later this evening I'll have to switch off my aggregator until then and avoid various websites. Other than that, I don't need to worry about inadvertantly finding out what was said before I watch. Somehow I don't think there is much chance of anyone in Netherton, West Yorkshire, spilling the beans so I won't be re-enacting the classic No Hiding Place episode of the Likely Lads, and a corresponding ending is even less likely.