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RE: Blogert Initial Reaction

June 23, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

ScottW reports on initial reactions to his blogging client and suggests a couple of additions to the MetaWeblog API:

I would like to add a property to the MetaBlog Post object, "IsActive/Published", to allow an indication if the item is currently published or not. This of course assumes the extra property will not crash other blogging system implementations.

I would also like to add a new method, getRecentUpatedPosts. This would work the same?way as getRecentPosts, but instead, would only select posts that have been updated since a specified date. With this, I could store a copy of the posts locally and only select posts that have been updated (read: posts made outside of Blogert)

I have my own hacked up blogging client and the two features Scott mentions would be very useful. I mentioned the need for something like getRecentUpdatedPosts a few weeks ago. It enables you to write a client which can work on your blog offline and then synchronize local and remote versions of the blog when you next have access to the server.