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Weblogging Meets Nicholson Baker

June 16, 2003 Written by Charles Cook The Mezzanine A Box Of Matches

Sort of. I was a bit slow in finding The dullest blog in the world but got there in the end via Gwyn Cole. It actually reminded me of Nicholson Baker's early books, for example The Mezzanine, which is a novel about a man riding the escalator on the way to his office and the thoughts that go through his mind during the one minute it takes between floors. But don't let this put you off if you've never read anything by Baker. His books are very enjoyable, dare I say it particularly so for the geeky type of reader in their almost Aspergerian attention to mundane detail. I've not yet read A Box of Matches but it has received some good reviews. By the way, don't hold back on clicking through the links to Amazon and buying the books. I've already made $9.02 as an Amazon associate over the last 12 months.