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Don't Mention the PDC

June 11, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

The blog parody was spot on in many details but scanning through Scobleizer this morning one particular fragment of the Robert Scoble take-off came to mind:

... Career advice. Link to friends. Link to other friends. I love working at Microsoft. Come to the Professional Developers Conference. Link to friends. Link to other friends ...

I know Scoble is a now a MS evangelist but, please, I'd prefer not to be reminded what seems like every day that there is a conference called the PDC this October (for example). I'm unlikely to get sent there on a business trip in the current econmic climate and I'd be stretched to justify the cost of a personally paid trip to my nearest and dearest. I know it sounds like its will be a great conference with lots of exciting new stuff but thats precisely why I don't want these frequent reminders I will be missing out on it!