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Shuttle PC

June 8, 2003 Written by Charles Cook Shuttle SK41G

The anicent Pentium Pro machine we use at home for web and email finally died last weekend. I decided it was time to replace it with something more powerful. Rather than chose a ready-built system I ordered a Shuttle SK41G barebones system from Kustom PCs. High performance was not a big issue so I focused on cost. This SK41G is substantially cheaper than the more recent models and takes an Athlon processor (I chose an XP2200+). 512M of memory was more than enough for web and email usage so a single DIMM provided this, leaving a second memory socket for future expansion.

Putting it all together didn't take very long and I didn't encounter any problems. The main negative comments that I'd received about Shuttles was noise and I found that although it is slightly noisier (assuming you've enabled the fan speed limiter) than, say, a Dell Precision 340, its not too irritating. I'm using an old Seagate Medallion drive and this make more noise than the fans in the Shuttle. Its definitely something Shuttle need to address though (assuming they haven't already done so in more recent models).