Cook Computing

XML-RPC.NET and Mono

May 14, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

Just caught this posting to the Mono list in the XML-RPC.NET site referrals:

Thanks to the recent checkin by Paolo, Cook Computing's code now works. You can find the assembly code at Unzip the file in a subdirectory, cd to src, and:

mcs /target:library /out:CookComputing.XmlRpc.dll *.cs -r System.Web.dll -r System.Web.Services

and that's it. There are some demo programs in samples, but they do use System.Windows.Forms, but the code is extremely simple.

I do have a pretty extensive test app I was using with MovableType to do the testing, but a) the code is ugly and b) my blog personal info is embedded in the code...

Good work people!