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VoiceXML and ASP.NET

April 23, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

I've started work on a new project based on VoiceXML and ASP.NET. Co-ordinating the architecture/design work and then some coding. Should be interesting.

The use of .NET Remoting between processes on the same machine will be important. Don Box recently wrote:

.NET Remoting. Easily the most complete and flexible implementation of the ORPC/Quasi-AOP ideas first floated in DCOM, MTS, CORBA, and EJB.

I agree except for one detail: security. DCOM security may have been painful at times but you always got where you wanted eventually. .NET Remoting does not have any buillt-in support for security. I found a couple of samples on MSDN:



The trouble is that they're samples and so I have to review the code and test them thoroughly before using them in a production system. Thats a lot of extra work. It would be much better if something like this was part of the Framework.