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Case Sensistivity in XML-RPC

January 8, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

Drew Marsh emailed me about some discrepancies between the Blogger and Radio impementations of the Blogger API. It seems that in some cases Blogger uses mixed case and Radio all lower case, for example in struct members.

XML-RPC.NET is case-sensitive with respect to method and struct member names, which I believe is the correct behaviour: there is nothing in the XML-RPC spec to indicate otherwise. Has anyone seen anything to contradict this?

While on the topic of XML-RPC, Dave Winer recently wrote:

Basically, I was (and will) say that we've reached a plateau in our journey of technology. We've got all the basic ingredients for the Two-Way-Web in place. The back-end systems are maturing, with lots of choice. The XML-RPC interfaces are also maturing and (more important) standardizing. We went a lot further with the ManilaRPC interface, and the Edit This Page button in Manila, which is a great idea, still hasn't appeared in other mass market CMSes -- but I have no doubts the interfaces will deepen, and the convenience for users will increase, and the content systems will do more of the work.

Unfortunately before XML-RPC can hold this sort of position in the scheme of things the protocol needs to mature and allow strings containing the full range of Unicode characters[1]. A protocol allowing only 7-bit ASCII characters in strings is a throwback to last century and has no place in today's WWW.

UPDATE: Drew describes the problem fully here

[1] XML-RPC.NET does and always will support full Unicode in strings. If the spec is never changed then at least implementors can create their own de facto standard.