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MacWorld and PowerBooks

January 7, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

I watched the MacWorld keynote yesterday. Ive read plenty about Steve Jobs but never seen him in action before, although a postage-sized stamp QuickTime image probably did not manage to convey all his supposed charisma. Anyway, it was a very slick presentation, not something Bill Gates can do very well.

Interesting that they are using the KDE browser code. I suppose they couldnt go with Ghecko, regardless of technical issues, because they'd have been making changes to benefit AOL. I think he said something like "We love Open Source at one point. Easy to say when you make most of your money from hardware but they are certainly going all out to woo the developer community. For example, the XFree86-based X11 server looks very cool indeed.

Ive been thinking of buying a Powerbook and I was waiting for MacWorld to see if prices would drop. Looks like my choices have widened considerably. The cost of the 17" model is offputting and Id have to wait about two months. It might also be too big for a laptop, not least because you're going to be a sitting target for muggers walking around with an extra large laptop bag advertising whats inside. But that screen is very compelling...until I think of the cost again.

So it really comes down to the 12.1" and 15.2" models. In the UK there is a 500 difference between them which swings the balance in favour of the 12.1" (comparing the US and UK prices it seems that the 15.2" price has been set at an unfavourable exchange rate to the other models and should be nearly 100 cheaper). At the current price the 15.2" model should have lots more memory and built-in WiFi. But 1024x768 on the 12.1" does seem a bit on the small side these days.