Cook Computing

XML-RPC.NET v0.7.0

January 6, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

I've just uploaded version 0.7.0 of XML-RPC.NET. Its available here.

The changes/fixes in this release are:

  • error reporting of parsing errors using parse stack
  • support for async proxy method generation
  • contiuning work on auto-generated documentation
  • params keywords used in XmlRpcClientProtocol.Invoke
  • server method can return void (return empty string in XML-RPC response)
  • proxy method can return void (return value in XML-RPC response discarded)
  • deserializer throws exception if an XML-RPC struct is missing one or more expected members
  • fixed irritating warning when compiling XmlRpcStruct
  • add version of BeginInvoke taking correct params as per docs
  • Close always called on WebResponse
  • fixed usage of XmlRpcClientProtocol Proxy property when used in VS designer (Drew Marsh)
  • fixed handling of response without Content-Length during async calls (Dmitry Jemerov)
  • fixed case when zero-length string in default string value is passed as <value/> (Drew Marsh)

With the addition of of async method generation in XmlRpcProxyGen the feature is set is pretty much complete now. The remaining work is mostly associated with error reporting and automatically generated documentation paged. There are also a few items to add to the FAQ.