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Simple and Powerful Text Formatting

January 1, 2003 Written by Charles Cook

Ben Trott has written a piece on Simple and Powerful Text Formatting in Movable Type which is very relevant to my MTCodeDiv plugin:

But there are problems with the global filtering approach that we hope to solve in the next version of Movable Type.

  • Authors have to edit their templates in order to add these filtering options. Not only is this beyond the scope of understanding for some users, but it can be incredibly tedious to edit every template.
  • Since filters are set on a template level (in the tags), they are not applied when previewing an entry. This makes preview fairly useless for specially-formatted entries.
  • Because templates are shared on a per-blog basis and are not specific to authors, all authors must use the same formatting style.

Looks like I will be upgrading to the next version of Movable Type a bit quicker than last time.