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More Mono

December 24, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

Having failed to port XML-RPC.NET to run on Mono, I attempted the same with my IndexedBtree class. I built and ran some performance test code which compares IndexedBtree with the .NET classes Hashtable and SortedList. IndexedBtree ran successfully but enumerating SortedList failed with an InvalidCastException being thrown when the object returned from IEnumerator.Current is unboxed to an instance of DictionaryEntry. The same problem occurred on both Linux and Windows which is at least what you would expect for self-contained code.

I made a quick search for a debugger to do some more testing on Linux but all I could find was mention on the Mono homepage of a debugger under development (screenshot).

And I also did some XML-RPC.NET work today, fixing a couple of bugs reported by Drew Marsh and Dmitry Jemerov.