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Essential .NET, Volume 1

November 6, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

Essential .NET, Volume 1 has been released. According to the Addision-Wesley website the contents include:

  • CLR's evolution
  • Assemblies in the .NET Framework
  • The CLR type system
  • Programming with type
  • Objects and values
  • Methods
  • Explicit method invocation
  • Application domains
  • Security
  • Interoperability

It will be interesting to see if Box can bring anything new to the .NET book pile given the overwhelming abundance of .NET books over the last year or so. Of his previous books Essential COM was a classic, Effective COM an interesting collection of tips, but although I liked Essential XML a lot, except for the padding at the back of the book, most people I've spoken to were not very enthusiastic about it. He's got an ubiquitous style of presenting material, particularly in front of an audience, which makes even the most technical subjects seem interesting. Lets hope he has found a typically Box-like perspective on .NET which will add to the material already out there.