Cook Computing

The TabletPC Market

October 31, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

Scoble describes the TabletPC debate and suggests that the main market for TabletPCs will be people who want to use them standing up. Well, I need to find out what a TabletPC really is but if it is anything like what I want it to be - something the size of an A4 notepad with a hi-res screen designed to be held with the long side upwards and with built-in Wi-Fi and no keyboard - then I will want to use it lying down, either in bed or on the floor, or semi-reclining on the sofa, and once-daily sitting on the bog, mainly browsing emails, web pages, and RSS feeds, possibly inputting small amounts of text such as sending emails but often no more than entering URLs or Google searches. Once the price drops I suspect this will be the real market.