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Version 0.6.0 of XML-RPC.NET

October 20, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

I've just uploaded version 0.6.0 of XML-RPC.NET. This contains the changes listed below. I've not yet updated the docs. This will take another week or two.

  • Added XmlRpcProxyGen class to dynamically create a proxy object from an interface, i.e. makes hand-coding of proxies unnecessary in most cases. bettyapp sample changed to illustrate this.
  • Can now use an interface to define XML-RPC methods. Can use the same interface to implement both server and client. MathService changed to illustrate use of interface.
  • Default for XML-RPC request and response XML documents is now no explicit encoding, i.e. implicitly UTF-8. Previously the encoding was explicitly specified as UTF-8.
  • Added Encoding property to XmlRpcClientProtocol to set explicit encoding on XML-RPC request and response XML documents.
  • Added Proxy property to XmlRpcClientProtocol.
  • Fixed UserAgent property of XmlRpcClientProtocol.
  • Fixed parsing of double type to be culture independent.
  • Fault response XML document now generated in same way as ordinary response, i.e. will be in same format and encoding.