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Amazon UK Slipping Badly

October 18, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

Amazon UK is slipping badly. My last order was slow in being dispatched and I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But an order I placed this week confirms they are running the business in a different way these days.

I placed the order on Monday morning. Two books were on 24 hour availability and a third book on 2-3 days. Estimated dispatch was Thursday. It used to be the case that when books were available the order details changed to show them as being on-hand. It may have been fluff but it gave you the impression that something was happening with the order.

By early Tuesday morning the third book had changed to 24 hours availability so I expected the dispatch date to change. Nothing happened. On Thursday morning I cancelled the order and input another order for the same books. This time the order quickly changed to Dispatching soon, the dispatch date being the same day, expected delivery on Friday.

It is now Friday evening and the order status is still Dispatching soon. But the dispatch date is still Thursday with delivery for Friday. Something is seriously wrong! Coupled with minor display errors on the order information page, it means the fairly unique shopping experience they offered, in particular the near instant gratification of placing an order one day and always receiving it the next day, is no more.