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XML-RPC.NET on the Compact Framework?

October 10, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

Quite by accident I came across a page listing errors received when attempting to compile XML-RPC.NET for the .NET Compact Framework. Bryce Yehl's blog entry which links to this page says:

Anyone out there familiar with XML-RPC.NET? I am having some difficulty compiling it against the Compact Framework. My changes and compile errors (primarily removing XML-RPC Server stuff, the CF's System.Web is incomplete). Any help greatly appreciated...

I've not looked at the .NET Compact Framework at all. Looks like there would be a fair amount of work in porting XML-RPC.NET.

(I just looked through the archives of the XMLRPCNET Yahoo group and Bryce did indeed post a question about the Compact Framework at the end of July. Looks like none of the other group members have done anything in this area.)