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Online Again

July 14, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

I returned from a vacation in Scotland yesterday. It was good to get away from everything for a couple of weeks though I have to admit I took a couple of books on Lisp with me (ANSI Common LISP and Common Lispcraft ). From a beginners perspective I would recommend both of them for providing a very thorough introduction to Lisp. All I need now is a serious Lisp project to work on.

I did manage to answer some XML-RPC.NET queries during the last few days and last night I implemented a couple of new features which will be in the release I plan to issue later today.

Other plans for this week are the release of two FAQs - one on XML-RPC.NET, the other on MC++ (I notice Tomas has announced his MC++ FAQ. Its tempting to have a look at this but I'll wait until I've released mine).

I've been working on the XML-RPC.NET FAQ for a while. I toyed with alternative ways of documenting the library but the most important factor turned out to be minimising the effort required. The FAQ format has allowed me to provide sufficient detail but without the hassle of formatting and maintaining a more complex document.

The MC++ FAQ should follow sometime soon. While working on this I discovered another CLR feature supported by MC++ and not by C# (see earlier entry here) but again its not going to cause a rush to MC++. You'll have to read the FAQ to find out what it is, unless Tomas' FAQ has already mentioned it.