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Wednesday 4th April 2001

April 16, 2001 Written by Charles Cook
Wednesday 4th April 2001

PM Fixed Content-Type header as described below. Working on some sample code for inclusion in Eric Kidd's excellent XML-RPC HOWTO.

AM Andreas Bolka emailed me that XML-RPC.Net is returning the following incorrect Content-Type header:


I'll update the public Services hosted at Secure Domains this evening and put the fix in the next release.

Thursday 29th March 2001

PM Eric Kidd has run his C++ Class Generator (running on Linux) against the XML-RPC Introspection API exposed by the .NET ValidationService sample (header, source, and automatically generated documentation). Who needs WSDL?

Wednesday 28th March 2001

PM Released v0.1.3 of XML-RPC.Net. Includes support for nested arrays (jagged and multi-dimensional) and the Introspection API. The XmlRpcMethod attribute can now be marked as Hidden which means that the method does not appear on the auto generated doc page or in responses from the Introspection API.

In addition to learning a lot about how arrays are supported in the .NET I fixed a few bugs in this release and started to improve error handling and reporting. I intend to implement some substantial test code before the next release which will be 0.2.0 (the XML-RPC validation suite is only a starting point).

I also plan to start coding some Services and clients in VB.Net to prove that XML-RPC.Net is fully CLS compliant (even though the compiler says so already.....).

Thursday 22th March 2001

AM Reported the Meerket problem to the oreillynet.rss forum - looks like one or more of the parameters in the getItems call in the testmeerkat sample is now invalid and the Meerkat server is incorrectly emitting some diagnostic output into the XML body of the Fault Response.

Decided to disallow .NET class methods marked with the XmlRpcMethod attribute from returning void. XML-RPC does not specify a way of returning a response from a void method.

Started to implement the Introspection API and realised that support for multi-dimensional arrays and arrays of arrays is currently missing from XML-RPC.Net, for example as in the parameter and return value of this method

  public int[][] getArrayOfArrays(int[,] param1) 
Tuesday 20th March 2001

PM Two problems this evening running 0.1.2. First, I've been seeing intermittent networking errors on the client side, particularly when running via a proxy server. But everything works fine on the LAN. I've had various problems with System.Net over the last few months which were reported to the relevant team at Microsoft so I won't have great faith in this area of the .NET libraries until beta 2. Second, when running the testmeerkat sample client I'm getting back invalid XML from the Meerkat server when calling the getItems method.

Suggested on the XML-RPC mailing list that the spec be extended to cover methods returning a response with an empty <params> structure. This would be useful to map .NET class methods which return void onto an XML-RPC response.

AM Updated the distribution to 0.1.2. In addition to the features mentioned below this version now makes available the HttpContextobject when a request is being processed. This allows stateful coding at the Application and Session level and various other things).

The ValidationService has also been enhanced to include a couple of methods to test the handling of parameterless requests and methods which do not return a value.

Sunday 18th March 2001

v0.1.2 of XML-RPC.Net validates using the validator at Userland. The ValidationService demo has been updated and was used for the alidation.

This version includes support for dateTime, base64, and a hashtable-based class XmlRpcStruct for handling variable-size structs. I haven't had time to update the distribution today (I've been implementing the handling of parameterless methods and methods returning void) so that will have to wait for a couple of days.

Friday 16th March 2001

Added new demo Service - ValidationService. This is a partial implementation of a server which can run the XML-RPC validation suite. The missing methods require variable-size structs which XML-RPC.Net does not support yet (planned for this weekend coming).

I realised that the automatically generated doc pages should display the XML-RPC parameter and return types - not the .NET types (but maybe those also).

Wednesday 14th March 2001

Name change to XML-RPC.Net. Release updated to 0.1.1 to reflect this. New samples also added to distribution.

Tuesday 13th March 2001

I currently have two publicly accessible XML-RPC Services running under .NET: MathService and TimeService. They're both XML-RPC versions of Web Service examples in MSDN magazine. MathService has 4 methods and TimeService has 1 method - look at the URLs in your browser for the automatically generated doc pages. I'll add them to the dotXmlRpc distribution tomorrow.

Thanks to Secure Domains for providing the hosting.

Sunday 11th March 2001

Initial release of dotXmlRpc. Although this is still very much prototype quality code, the client code does work sufficiently well to make calls to the betty and Meerkat servers which are publicly available on the Internet. I'll soon be adding some sample XML-RPC Services.