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I'm currently learning XML Schema.

April 20, 2001 Written by Charles Cook

I'm currently learning XML Schema. As an exercise I'm working on schema documents for XML-RPC request and response. This work in progress can be found at: methodCall.xsd and methodResponse.xsd.

I still have several refinements to make and some outstanding issues as to what the XML-RPC spec means in places. Outstanding work includes:

- definitions for some common types should be factored into a separate schema document (my schema editor doesn't support this)

- value types not specified in detail

- I haven't worked out how to represent the case for valueType where a default type of string is assumed:

    <value>some text</value>

which can co-exist with the non-default representation of string, i4, etc, for example:

    <value><string>some text</string></value>

Any feedback on what I have done so far would be very welcome.