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I've updated the XML-RPC.NET website

December 24, 2001 Written by Charles Cook

I've updated the XML-RPC.NET website with version 0.3.0. This is a very preliminary release and I've still got plenty of coding and testing to do before it is complete.

I'm using a .NET version of Kent Beck's famous XUnit testing framework to set up unit tests for the XML-RPC.NET code. Being able to set up tests in this way is a great help when making changes or adding new features. It makes regression testing very easy. The implementation I'm using at the moment is .NetUnit but NUnit also exists. I happened to come across .NetUnit first but I'll be evaluatiing NUnit when I get the chance.

I'll probably not get much time over the next 2 or 3 days for obvious reasons but I hope to reach at least the same level of functionality in the .NET beta 1 versions of XMl-RPC.NET by the end of this weekend coming.