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January 27, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

Today I'm working on a simple HTTP server to make it easier to write test code for XML-RPC.NET. This makes it possible to implement a client and server in the same executable, which makes setting up test cases easier, and debugging much easier, than when a service class is running in IIS (or even in just a separate executable). The class hierachy on the server-side is being modified to allow a service application to be run in either IIS or the simple HTTP server: a new class XmlRpcHttpServerProtocol specializes XmlRpcServerProtocol to add HTTP-related functionality. XmlRpcHttpServerProtocol implements this interface (the three new interfaces being in the CookComputing.Web namespace):

public interface IHttpRequestHandler
  void HandleRequest(IHttpRequest httpRequest, IHttpResponse httpResponse);

IHttpRequest is then called from either the new WebServer class or XmlRpcService which specializes XmlRpcHttpServerProtocol to run in the IIS environment.