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Yes, this is a sad

April 24, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

Yes, this is a sad situtation IMHO. After 2 years in .NET, I tire of C#'s limitations and I end up choosing MC++ even for new things but I am not the general case-). It is my powertool of choice. Many people see as only used for Interop but it is a very powerful managed language in its own right. [Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]

This is an example of what is confusing me about Managed C++. Its benefits for Interop are clear but I still can't see what advantages it has for purely managed work. In that environment you have an emasculated version of C++ and some ugly extra syntax. Perhaps if the Managed C++ advocates can explain why they believe it is more powerful than C# for new managed work then things can be made more clear.