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I received Ingo Rammer's excellent

April 28, 2002 Written by Charles Cook

I received Ingo Rammer's excellent book Advanced .NET Remoting from Amazon a few days ago and this was the spur I needed to experiment with .NET Remoting. After a couple of long coding sessions this weekend I've released version 0.5.0 of XML-RPC.NET which contains XML-RPC client and server formatter sinks. These enable the .NET remoting infrastructure to be used to implement both XML-RPC clients and servers. In addition, the server-side formatter can be configured so that a server can simultaneously support both XML-RPC and SOAP requests. If the XML-RPC formatter detects an incoming request is a SOAP request, it forwards the request to the default SOAP formatter; otherwise it processes the request as an XML-RPC request.

Some preliminary documentation on .NET Remoting is included on the Samples page. It should be noted that the XML-RPC formatter is not intended to replace SOAP when making calls between .NET clients. The XML-RPC serialization code is designed for use with XML-RPC parameters and is not as comprehensive as the built-in SOAP serialization code, so there wouldn't be much point in using XML-RPC in this scenario.The XML-RPC formatter is instead intended to be used where either client or server is not based on .NET Remoting and XML-RPC is being used, or where a server is required to handle both SOAP and XML-RPC requests.